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No more getting stuck in Metroid Dread with our full in-game walkthroughs

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new Ecclesiastical episode of the Metroid seriesNot every day, which is why we wanted to review the title again in order to give a full tour of the Metroid Dread. currently, We mainly focus on the first crossing of ZDR, in a straight line, as each stage of the journey progresses. Other guides detailing some of the more specific aspects of the game will follow, Like collecting all the items needed to reach 100%.

We bring you our full review of Metroid Dread, metroidvania developed by Mercury Steam available October 8th exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Story walkthrough

An ancient 8-part walkthrough, mostly text. From your first steps on ZDR to your escape from it, we cover everything from A to Z to the end of the credits. If some passages seem not clear enough for you, feel free to explain it to us under the respective articles., to see what we can do.

all bosses

These guides are for the different stages of the wild bosses you’ll encounter on the main track of Metroid Dread.. For the most part, these fights are very successful and bring what is needed “spicy” to a completely classic game at the end. A special mention to the Demonic End Boss, who will ask you to stay awake for a good 5 minutes of adrenaline-filled gameplay..

Other evidence, our opinion, etc.

In addition to the main part of our portal dedicated to Metroid Dread, and while you wait to roam 100% area by area, we also offer you some More secondary clues, such as amiibo effects or specific upgrade locations Like a diversion or acceleration ball for those in a hurry. For those who are back in the game, we are also planning a few more advanced articles, So feel free to keep the catalog of guides below under the elbow.

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