No, the pollinator cannot “flush” the vaccine.

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Basically, messages shared on social media since March claim that people who have been vaccinated against COVID pose a health risk to others, as they may “expel” the vaccine. Some authors say these posts After I heard about it People who contracted the disease or saw it after coming into contact with vaccinated people The menstrual period was disruptedBut no convincing testimony was obtained.

The Messages Be It is rarely evident On what is supposed to be “expel” (the acquired word may be “excrete”). Some conjure up protein spike (in English, Spike protein or S protein). This is clearly an indication of the protein that allows the coronavirus to stick to and enter the walls of our cells.

The concept of “viral excretion” is already in biology: it refers, as its name implies, to a virus that leaves one individual and thus risks infecting others. But this does not apply to a vaccine because the basic principle of a vaccine, for decades, is that it usually contains an inactivated virus, which means that it cannot cause any harm.

Even the idea that this vaccine, or whatever is inside, can be expelled after an injection, interferes with the functioning of our immune system: it creates the necessary defenses (such as antibodies) to fight this intruder, maintains these defenses in memory in anticipation of a future infection, and gets rid of the intruder. .

The new RNA vaccines have the specificity of providing not parts of the virus, but the “recipe” or “instructions” needed for our cells to be able to synthesize the S protein on their own. Thus the immune system learns to recognize this protein and get rid of it within 24 to 48 hours. So it is not expelled from the body, and even if it is possible, protein on its own cannot do anything: it is not an organism that can reproduce, unlike a virus or bacteria. Additionally, proteins are unstable molecules that are quickly destroyed.

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We can add that, from a biological – or logical – standpoint if it turns out that the virus really poses a menstrual risk (What was investigated), This risk will be much higher when dealing with people who carry the virus.

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