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“The electric bike allows people to train every day”

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Why Doctor – What are the benefits of cycling?

Jean-Luc Beauson – Physical activity in general improves all parameters of health, physiological, cardiorespiratory, musculoskeletal, disease management, the fight against a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, cancer …

In terms of cycling, this activity does not completely stress its followers, in particular by placing less stress on the joints than other practices, and is therefore beneficial for people who are particularly overweight. The interest/risk ratio is infinitely favorable. It is above all a matter of battling a sedentary lifestyle, the source of all ills. The goal is to change their daily lifestyle, in leisure and at work. The bike has a very interesting place because it can, and this is especially true of the electric bike, to replace the car.

Additionally, recent research has shown that no matter your level of physical activity, if you do a little more, you gain survival. This is the ultimate criterion in health. On a daily basis, it is clear that the benefit one feels is to re-encapsulate oneself. The bike is extraordinarily progressive and allows for that renewal. We can start with easy exits and by doing them regularly, we will increase our cardio and respiratory levels. You must enjoy it in order to do this activity on a daily basis. It is progressive that attracts people.

Does an exercise bike powered by electric (VAE) offer the same benefits as a conventional bike?

It’s not even a discussion. He got help so the effort is less but the aim of the game is not to make excessive efforts, rather to get people back into daily practice, as part of the fight against sedentary lifestyle. An e-bike falls somewhere between unassisted cycling and brisk walking. Obviously physical activity.

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There is a recent study in Germany that showed the effectiveness of foot pedals. The researchers loaned bicycles for 15 days to employees to get to work. Another time, they had the same experience but with the foot pedals. This comparative study showed that for a distance of 1 kilometer, the energy used by electric bicycles is reduced by 30-40%. But in everyday life, people use the assistance bike 4 times more. Ultimately, this allowed them to comply with the World Health Organization’s recommendations for daily physical exercise.

How do you get your patients to switch to electric bikes?

With our team, we work to rehabilitate patients with severe problems. We have established a health education unit based on physical activity. VAE allows for more progress than a conventional bike and is essential for us because we work with patients who suffer from fibromyalgia, a chronic disease that prevents people from being physically active. We manage to take groups of people on cycling tours, which also helps them get out of isolation. The goal is to have fun. There is no failure. Everyone reaches the end of the program. Thanks to VAE, it is possible to increase the assistance and thus adapt to the capabilities of each one. This helps prevent leakage. The competition was completely cancelled. Most of the power comes from the bike’s setup. This brings support groups, inflates their self-esteem, and little by little, over several weeks, we make them strengthen themselves. It is a transitional stage for people in very poor physical condition.

We are in the process of conducting a study of breast cancer patients who are tired of the disease and years of treatment. For them, too, an electric bike is a useful way to get back in the saddle. Half of them ended up buying one after trying! They even set up an association to help other patients. This indicates a commitment to this practice. This is the prime example of what is made possible by an electric bike. The goal is to combine pleasures and eliminate competition.

Is the spread of electric bikes in the city a good thing?

If this causes people to abandon the e-bike, that’s not the idea. But this is not what we see. In town, the goal is to go as fast as possible, so it’s an essential proposition to bring people who’ve never ridden a bike to take it. This is a great thing. This is why everyone does this. VAE’s interest is also that when we get to work, we don’t sweat. If you were on a conventional bike, you would arrive in a condition that could be questionable. Nothing has been done in the companies to encourage people to come by bike. There are no bathrooms available in general. An electric bike makes it possible to access cleanly.

There are also neuroscience studies that show that the brain loves cycling too. This practice improves memory and helps fight stress. This creates an airlock that ventilates the brain and makes it possible to cut it out after a day’s work.

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