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Notre Dame or Texas A&M?

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Who deserves the honor of being the # 4 team in the College Football Supplement, Notre Dame or Texas A&M?

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We know who will be the top three in the College Football Team Final Ranking.

Alabama would be first, Ohio and Clemson would be roughly 2 and 3 – in that order – and number 4 would be …

And this is the drama.

Notre Dame and Texas A&M are the two most likely options for fourth place, and both were bailed out by Florida for not being able to get Alabama in the SEC tournament – that would have made things interesting at least. It has also helped the general reason USC lost the Pac-12 Championship and Cincinnati was interested in the American Athletic Conference Championship.

So with all of that in mind, let’s debate the contenders. It’s 2020, so, of course, it’s done over the Zoom call …

Our lady: There is no discussion. We beat Clemson. We won 10 matches. We have had a tough day against tigers when they were operating at maximum efficiency and we must stick to our best schedule. We have the good wins. Do not.

Texas A&MDude, I got a 34-10 truck, and it wasn’t that soon. Do you think America has the slightest interest in seeing you play Alabama?

Our lady: You think America has the slightest interest in seeing You are Play Alabama again? I already did. It was awful.

Texas A&M: Yes, we went back to the second week on the 3rd of October. We needed a little to get ready, cranking the pass to 335 yards, and …

Our lady: You lost 52-24. Wait, this all needs to heat up something. Are we supposed to excuse you for hitting Vanderbilt 17-12 in the opening match?

Texas A&M: Notre Dame 27, Duke 13. That was your opening. Oh yeah, beating Louisville 12-7 was a classic. Now can we move forward? We are a different team stronger and better now. We’re in a groove in a six-game winning streak, we’ve won in the last five matches by two numbers after our win over Florida, and …

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Our lady: and what? Have you overcome what? A 20-7 win over LSU made the world a lower place, and they beat Auburn. Whoop-de-do. Once again, we defeated Clemson …

Texas A&M: Yes, without Trevor Lawrence.

Our lady: But DJ Uiagalelei would be good, and …

Texas A&M: You’ve been blown up by a true new quarterback player for over 400 yards, and you think you’ll do anything against the pass in Alabama?

Our lady: If you let me finish – when Clemson is second in the final standings, we’re officially the best college football season win for 2020. You don’t have one of these, right?

Texas A&MNo, we are only the second best team in the best conference in college football, and our only loss was to be the first team on the road. Should we be considered number 2 in the ranking while we are arguing about 4?

(Appeared on call) CincinnatiKaito: Hey guys, what’s going on?

Our lady: How do you get this call?

Cincinnati: We heard you talk about who should be No. 4, we went 9-0 in the American Athletics Championships, and …

Texas A&M: I’m sorry, I snapped. What are you starring?

Cincinnati: American like …

Texas A&MWho did you play in this tournament .. Alabama? Oklahoma? Ohio …

Cincinnati: Tulsa!

Our lady: Hey Tulsa … cool, cool … So you, of course, with everything on the line and style points mean the world to the team that didn’t play Power Five, you won 50, 60?

Cincinnati: 27-24 in a thrilling goal with no time left, and …

(Cincinnati forage is cut and dies)

Texas A&M: (Silent)

Our lady: (Silent)

Texas A&M: where were we?

Our lady: Listen, you’re really good, and we were up against Clemson in ACC, but we have lines that can hold up, we have the experience, and we can slow things down just like you do. There were some light victories along the way, but we won four road matches in five, which ended with our victory over North Carolina. A win over Auburn is cool, but this win over Tarr Heels will lead us to nod.

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Texas A&M: Yeah, you have the style we like – the game recognizes the game when it comes to time of possession, tempo, and great gameplay – but we’ve kept the ball for over 44 minutes against Tennessee, our scores generally don’t partially burst due to our determination, and again, the SEC factor has to play kind of From the role here.

Our lady: Yes, but 8-1 is not 10-1, and again, we had a great win that you didn’t …

Texas A&M: Wasn’t Clemson really hurting defensively, and again, not Lawrence?

Our lady: Yes, but …

Texas A&M: And I know this isn’t supposed to matter, but it’s not like you’ve fully set yourself up against the biggest big boys over the years in bowl season. We’ve seen what you can do, which is cool, but you clearly can’t break a hard roof. We are rolling here under a head coach of the national championship. Watch what we’re up to because we’re about to accomplish something special.

Our lady: We are better than you think. In fact, we might have the method and the potential to give Alabama a problem. Again, we had a bad day in Charlotte, but our streaks are really good, our running defense is a lot better than it looked this time against the tigers, and we have a feeling we can smash the tide in the mouth a little better than you. Also we …

Cincinnati (wears fake mustache and sunglasses, speaks softly)Kisa: Oh, how am I here? I must have pressed the wrong button. Hey, what is this I’m hearing about this Big Five group show …

Texas A&M: Hey Irishman, good luck at Orange Bowl … you’ll need to take on one of the best SEC squads.

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Our lady: Good luck against Oklahoma at the Cotton Bowl … now they find out.

So what’s really going to happen?

The committee will almost certainly place Notre Dame in fourth place.

Cincinnati does not have a schedule or large dividends. Had Tulsa been crushed by 30, there would have been a strong case to finally give the Group of Five a chance that Texas A&M and Notre Dame had already lost massively to two qualifying teams. But no – it doesn’t happen.

There will at least be a discussion about Ohio. 6-0 is great, and Buckeyes were missing two players, but they faced two teams just fine this year and struggled to survive against both of them. Let’s not waste time on this, though.

The College Football Playoff Committee had a thing for Buckeyes from the start, and it sure isn’t going downhill now – there’s no chance he’s not the unbeaten Big Ten champ in this one.

That’s not fair to Texas A&M, considering that if this were a normal year with a regular schedule, most of the bands on its roster were at least 0.500 or better thanks to numerous non-conference winnings, but that’s the deal.

Notre Dame has more wins. It’s the first win over Clemson better than A&M’s win over Florida, and the second best win over North Carolina’s strongest – at least by CFP rankings – than A&M’s second best win over Auburn.

The two ugly losses will cancel each other out.

There is no right or wrong answer here – no one has to be right to the championship, but they can both make a case about Ohio. One team must be excluded.

Let it be fuel for a rookie Texas A&M program that is about to be a hard-core who should be in competition for the College Football Playoff on a regular basis.

Expect Notre Dame vs Alabama at Sugar, Clemson vs Ohio anytime they call this thing at AT&T Stadium.

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