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The Genshin Impact 1.5 update introduces many new features to the game. Among these additions, players will discover a new boss: Azhdah.

Patches follow each other on Genshin Impact. Among the many new features in patch 1.5, players were able to discover it New bosses and their exclusive capabilities.

Through a tweet from the official account carried by the fan site Genshin, players were able to discover one of the two new presidents in patch 1.5 from Genshin Impact: Increase it.

Azhdah: New head of Genshin Impact patch 1.5.1

  • Increase it It is one of the two new presidents that will arrive occasionally in the new patch Genshin Impact 1.5.
  • Has various attacks, Fast and versatile. The boss looks even more awesome than the players have faced so far.
  • The monster throws pillars of flame, electric balls, and even ice!
  • finally, Increase it Must be submitted New bonuses to improve some characters. For example, we can think of new personalities.
  • Increase it Correction 1.5 will be releasedAnd the April 28, 2021With the second new president: l’Hypostase Cryo

Genshin-Impact-Azhdah-Nouveau-Boss-Patch-1.5.1 UpdateAzdah is one of the new heads of Genshin Impact

What are the other new features in Patch 1.5 on Genshin Impact?

In addition to the new heads, the update features a new mode: The Serenithéière. You can arrange, like animal crossing, different spaces and places, outdoor and indoor. Several combinations will be possible and will provide new activity for players!

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