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Do you sing out of tune? Science needs you!

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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What if singing out of tune might finally help? We have to face the facts, many of us do not have a line.

So if you are not:

But more like this:

It is your revenge! You have the right to sing because science needs you to advance the cause of the people who sing outside the tune! It’s called providing a service to the nation and what’s more, it’s a dream job since you get paid.

It is the researchers from Lyon who are launching this call for the candidates, those who do not have musical ear permission and who do not sing harmoniously. The goal: to better understand what is being played in the brain when we hear music, what is our perception of it, and how does it work in contact with music?
You will also be able to test out a year-round training session, training to improve your musical ear because singing out of tune is not an end in itself.

To get involved, it’s very easy. You must first take a test available online. If you are a good candidate, researchers will contact you. For example in the test, you need to determine if the two tones are the same, if the tones are the same. If you do not pass the test, then you are the ideal candidate. Day meeting

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