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Oise/Covid/vaccination: 63.8% of the population received at least one injection, 12-17 years old and 35-44 years old

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Vaccination is progressing but efforts are still needed in the oasis for certain segments of the population: 12-17 years and 35-44 years old, Announces the province of Oise.

Since the start of the vaccination campaign, nearly 818,000 injections of vaccine against the Covid-19 virus have been carried out in the Oise department. As of August 9, there were just over 496,000 first-time injections and more than 356,000 people fully vaccinated. Thus, in Oise, 63.8% of the Isarian population received at least one injection, which is lower than the regional (70.4) and national (70%) levels.

It is clear that some inter-municipal authorities are regressing in vaccinating their residents, such as the Creil Sud Oise Agglomeration community (59%), the Pays Noyonnais commune (67%) and the Vexin Thelle and Liancourtois communal communes (69%).

From 12 to 17 years, vaccination is delayed by 5 points

Most of them are not yet benefiting from the full immunization schedule due to delays in reaching immunization. In Oise, the primary vaccination rate for 12-17 year olds is 42.4%, which is lower than the national level of 47.5%.

“Parents are asked to anticipate the start of the school year and apply to September 30 of the Health Card for children aged 12-17. It is therefore highly recommended that adolescents be vaccinated, without delay, during the school holidays”, calls the province of Oise.

Vaccinations are slowing down among people aged 35-44 years

Vaccination is also late in Oise for adults between the ages of 35 and 44., confirms the province of Oise.

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