Olmel owns a microbiology lab

Olmel will have its own central microbiology laboratory, in the Ang Guardian in Monterey, in order to better control the quality of its products.

The activities of this new laboratory will be concentrated in the company’s existing infrastructures, at its plant in Ange-Gardien, in Montérégie, where investments have already been made, the company announced Thursday morning in a press release.

Ange-Gardien facilities have been automated and equipment has been upgraded to PCR technologies “which will make analysis methods more efficient and increase the traceability of information,” Olemel emphasized.

The lab, which is licensed by Public Health Canada, will have the capacity to perform more than 100,000 tests per year, mainly on detection of major pathogens such as Listeria and Salmonella, as well as on product life validation.

A team of five full-time professionals will work under the supervision of Delphine Sen, Olimel’s Director of Food Safety.

“By offering previously outsourced analyzes and testing, Olimel gives itself the means to develop its own expertise, shorten lead times, and dramatically reduce costs associated with lab analytics,” explained Sylvain Fournaise, Vice President of Food. Safety, technical services and research and development in Olemel.

However, the Canadian leader in the production, processing and distribution of pork and poultry has specified that requests for analyzes and tests required by a regulatory body such as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency or Olmel’s clients will always be outsourced to independent laboratories.

Olmel employs more than 14,000 people in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick.

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