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Omicron is less dangerous than Delta, according to the Ontario Public Health Study

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A new study from Ontario reports that the Omicron variant causes fewer hospitalizations and deaths than the Delta variant, but could have a significant impact on health systems due to the higher rate of infection.

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The study released by Ontario Public Health comes at a time when the province has the worst number of new cases each day.

In the study, 6,314 omicron cases were compared with delta cases based on age, gender, and onset date. The hospitalization and mortality rate was thus shown to be reduced by 54% for OMICRON after correction of vaccination status and area.

“Omicron appears to be the first dominant alternative to show a reduced risk of serious disease,” the study says. The report shows that the high transmissibility of this new variable could have a significant impact on the health care system. So there could be more hospitalizations due to the higher number of cases, despite the risk of using Omicron.

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