on the video | 8 and a half years in prison for ‘wheelchair contract’

Two people have been sentenced to 8½ years in prison for shooting an innocent victim in the legs in April 2019 on Notre Dame Avenue in Montreal.

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The violent event was captured by a surveillance camera that allows the entire scene to be seen. In the video, we also see an elderly couple with impaired mobility passing nearby.

An old couple passing by | screenshot

In a Montreal court on Wednesday, Judge André Vincent called the behavior of the shooter, 23-year-old Jonathan Chinkenke, baffling.

The young man approached the victim casually and shot him in the legs five times.

Victim: Roberto Selli

In criminal terminology, this way of doing things is called ‘holding a wheelchair’, and it is a criminal act intended to inflict bodily harm to the victim.

His partner, Emmanuel Charbonneau, who was driving the car in which the suspects fled only to be arrested a few minutes later near the Metropolitan Expressway, was also sentenced to 8 and a half years in prison.

Emmanuel Charbonneau, Partner

The victim, Roberto Celli, was present in the courtroom, and explained that he had undergone eight leg surgeries and had been hospitalized for three months. He even insisted on showing reporters presenting the scars of the shootings.

The motive for the crime remains obscure despite the holding of the trial.

In an interview this morning, Mr. Seely indicated that the suspects might have been targeting his “bosses” at the time.

– According to information from Yves Poirier

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