Do you suffer from stress and anxiety frequently? This article sheds light on its causes and consequences and provides you with material for thought.

What exactly is stress and anxiety?

Momentary stress can alter our actions, but most of the time, stress results from repetitive thoughts, feelings of loss of control, difficulty concentrating or even frustration and depression. It can also cause headaches, depression, and difficulty sleeping.

Did you know that part of our stress problems are our genes and partly our personality?

Do you recognize yourself in this description? Before continuing, take three deep breaths…okay? We continue…

Since chronic stress brings up a plethora of health issues (it reduces our ability to maintain and repair, efficient immune system and risk of cardiovascular disease), it shouldn’t be neglected!


However, there are several simple ways to help you effectively manage your anxiety:

1. Get to know yourself! It is important to customize curricula to combat it.

2. Enhancing the quality of the social network.

3. Find physical activities that work for you and make you feel comfortable.

4. Promote a healthy diet and increase your intake of antioxidants and omega-3s.

5. Use Vitoli for sleep, Vitoli for stress and anxiety and Vitoli energy products as needed (fatigue or chronic stress). They will not cause habituation or dependence.

Signature Eric Simard, M.D., biologist and longevity researcher.

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