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Online data | American soldiers reveal nuclear secrets

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(Washington) US soldiers who are reviewing their information on the Internet have revealed nuclear secrets, according to an investigation published Friday by the Bellingcat investigation site that was able to accurately locate US thermonuclear bombs stored in Europe.

France Media

The American soldiers in charge of Europe’s nuclear arsenal regularly undergo lengthy and detailed security questionnaires, which oblige them to learn a lot of information and shortcuts by heart.

By searching on Google for the abbreviations used by the US military that are associated with the names of European military bases known to contain nuclear missiles, although the local government has never recognized them, Bellingcat has discovered review papers on the Internet that reveal exactly where the missiles are and whether they are “active,” that is, whether they are well armed with a nuclear warhead.

For example, at bases where B61 airborne nuclear missiles are stored, hangars (PAS, according to the abbreviation) are equipped with armament locking systems (WS3) and concrete reinforcement (bunker) that can contain four thermonuclear bombs B61, says Bellingcat author Voiki Postma.

The reporter wrote in Google search line “PAS”, “WS3” and “vault” along with the name of a military base known to have nuclear weapons, via free cheat sheets apps for students, such as CrampingAnd the Quizzalt And the Cram.

The Dutch government has never officially recognized that the Folklore Air Force Base in the southeast of the country was home to nuclear weapons. But Bellingcat is found on Cramping 70 review papers on this basis. We discover that there are 11 protective tires in Folkl, five of which are “hot” (armed) and six are “cold”.

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Another set of review papers is found in the application Cram It reveals that at the Aviano Military Base in Italy, the 27th engine from the “Tango Loop” is protecting a “cold” missile. Worse yet, a soldier entered on one of these online forms the passwords and usernames needed to deactivate the WS3 security systems.

We were also able to find details about […] All other European bases known to have nuclear weapons: Incirlik (Turkey), Gedi (Italy), Bushel (Germany) and Klein Bruegel (Belgium), “notes the investigation site known to have uncovered GRU agents, Russian Military Intelligence, and documented the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons. .

The files date back to 2012, and the most recent were posted online in April 2021, says Voiki Postma, who made it clear that he had unsuccessfully tried to get a reaction from NATO, the Pentagon and the European Command of the US Army (EUCOM) for his article. . The review papers were withdrawn from the applications shortly after his request for comment.

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