Recruitment and Reset in the CSS des Chic-Chocs

CSS des Chic-Chocs is busy filling out job vacancies. In mid-May, nine administrative positions, including five in the Public Administration, were filled on a temporary basis in the School Service Center, due to two departures, but also due to extended vacations.

Since then, the position of Public Administration has been added, which has temporarily assumed Deputy Director, Claude Petitbas.

But for the next year, Mr. Petitas should formally only hold the position of Secretary-General and be responsible for the new governance.

The CSS des Chic-Chocs confirms that the two positions left vacant due to the recent resignations of the Director of Human Resources and the Director of the La Côte-de-Gaspé Training Center should be filled by 1 July. Interviews are also taking place on Friday for a position in the human resources department.

In schools at CSS, Only the position in the direction of Notre-Dame-de-Liesse Schools, in Saint-Georges-de-la-Malbaie, and Saint-Joseph-Alban, at L’Anse-au-Griffon, remains vacant. The CSS Indicates that it should be filled soon.

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