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Ontario businesses will have to wait for a federal vaccine passport | Coronavirus: Ontario

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The approach was praised by the business community, which has long demanded a platform to check the immunization status of employees and customers. Unlike Quebec and British Columbia, Ontario will not have to develop its own vaccination passport.

We don’t like trade barriers between provinces, so we hate provinces having their own system.

Quote from:Jan de Silva, President and CEO of the Toronto Chamber of Commerce

It would be better to have an interoperable solution that serves all over the country, she adds.

Jan de Silva, President and CEO of the Toronto Chamber of Commerce

Photo: Radio Canada

The director of the Federation of Francophone Businessmen in Ontario, Richard Kimbler, agrees. We cannot have a piecemeal approach. We need a holistic approach. It will greatly reduce the famous administrative burden red ribbon. We present a paper or an application and it is ubiquitous for everyone, He said.

But time is running out. Every day is important to recovery and every day is important to protecting the populationKempler says.

When will you get the vaccination passport?

Françoise Briet, founder of Delicious Barley and Hoppy, in Toronto, sells jelly made from craft beer. She was anxiously awaiting the resumption of exhibitions and tasting events, but feared that this might not be possible if this new vaccine passport did not arrive on time.

With the arrival of the fourth wave, we are all waiting.

Quote from:Françoise Briet, founder of Malty & Hoppy Delicacy

It began selling its products in other counties last year and hopes to break into the United States in the coming months.

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We are currently limited, and we will have to find a solution so that companies can operate in Ontario and in other provinces as well as internationally.says the businessman.

A woman wearing glasses in the kitchen.

Françoise Briet, founder of Malty & Hoppy Delicacy, in Toronto

Photo: Françoise Briet

Ottawa plans to make digital proof of immunization available, which will be integrated into the ArriveCAN app in the fall. If contacted by Radio Canada, the Federal Administration for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship has yet to provide details of a launch date or which format will be preferred.

Currently, there is no international consensus on the acceptable evidence of vaccination, but the government is working with its international partners to get proof of vaccination certificates issued in Canada recognized.Ministry spokeswoman Isabelle Dubois confirms.

Ontario’s position is clear

For her part, Christine Elliott, Ontario’s Minister of Health, said she is working with Canadian authorities in her country. Provide all necessary information in a secure manner to facilitate the creation of a document that will serve as proof of vaccination for foreign trips.

Although the Ford government has repeatedly refused to adopt its own vaccination passport, it is not at all opposed to the idea. A vaccine passport provided by the Federal Government of Ontario can be used if requested by a company or organizationAlexandra Hellkin spokeswoman.

On Tuesday, the county’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Kieran Moore, said to himself Very open to adopting a system that allows for quick vaccination status checks to attend certain institutionsWith confirmation of its cooperation with Ottawa.

Tom Galati, founder of Maliza Capital – a platform dedicated to business and investment opportunities – is concerned that barriers to business travel abroad remain.

However, there are vaccines that are not recognized by some other countries.He remembers. Mixing doses of different vaccines are not recognized by many countries, and the recommended length of time between the two doses varies from place to place.

There will be some cacophony. Coordination is neededMr. Galati says.

Last month, Ontario lobbied Ottawa to get mixed vaccination It is recognized for avoiding headaches for travelers.

The Federal Government is working hard with all of our international partners to ensure that our mixed schedule is accepted, and I am confident that it will be, especially in Europe, where the vast majority of countries are taking an approach very similar to ours., Dr. Kieran Moore confirmed during his press conference on Tuesday.

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