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Windows 11, Where Did Android App Support Go?

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Windows 11 is a “top priority” for Microsoft. The development teams are working intensively to finalize them. Recent information indicates that TMR will be launched in September.

It is clear that Microsoft will release the final version of Windows 11 during the month of September. Therefore, development will focus on improvements, correction of the latest known bugs, and various improvements. The goal will be to have the most stable and flawless environment possible for the big public launch day. Rumors point to October

Some are getting close to RTM and some are already wondering if Microsoft will have enough time to introduce all the new features that were introduced during the announcement of Windows 11. One of them is support for Android apps.

Windows 11 and Android

Microsoft Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11

At the moment, it is not part of the latest builds released as part of the Windows Insider Program. In addition, the company has remained silent about it. When time becomes limited, it will likely not be introduced with the final version of Windows 11. It may be launched later. The giant promised to share more information “in the coming months”. Confirms

“We are introducing Windows support for Android apps for the first time. Starting this year, it will be possible to discover and download Android apps in the Microsoft Store through the Amazon Appstore — imagine recording and posting a video from TikTok or using Khan Academy Kids for virtual learning right from your desktop. We will have more to share about this experience in the coming months.”

Are Android apps making their way to Windows 11? For now, there’s a good chance this new feature will miss the call when the “general public” launches scheduled for October.

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