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Ordinary people wouldn’t believe it.

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A resident of Zhytomyr, Ukraine, said the Russian invasion was just a rumor for many Ukrainians.

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For Jackie Lebas, originally from France, the Ukrainian population did not expect an attack from Russia. The people in the villages are not used to it. “They hardly believe what just happened, it was very fast and violent,” he said Friday in an interview with LCN’s Mario Dumont, noting that the Ukrainians had been living normally for two days.

“Plain humans, we wouldn’t believe it,” Mr. Lebas added, while there was no rush to the stores to stock up.

For a week and a half, many of the French living in Zhytomyr left the country, according to an estimate by Jackie Lebas, who reported that many of them are now stuck in Poland and Romania. “Entry into Europe will be complicated if you do not simply return to your country of origin,” he added.

For his part, Jackie Lebas decided to stay until he could testify to the situation. I help journalists and reporters from all countries to do their job well. You have to find interpreters, taxis, cars, get around and get licenses. I am here, I will stay there and I will be at the service of this country that has never looked for trouble for its neighbors,” he said, adding that he now considers Ukraine his country.

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