O’Toole reiterates that this election is a referendum on Trudeau, Canada’s 2021 election

You have to do the one thing Justin Trudeau doesn’t want: the governor’s vote on Monday, the Conservative Party leader, who spoke on Friday to Canadians who have had enough to receive a lecture And to be forgotten.

A few days before the polls, Mr. O’Toole continued to insist that voters should not leave Justin Trudeau Stay awayAnd he is the one who launched the $600 million elections that no one wants, according to a party leader PCC.

Justin Trudeau wants you to stay home on Election Day. He wants you to vote for small parties, he said at a press conference in London, Ont. asked about small parties Which he was referring to, Mr. O’Toole refused to name her, saying he didn’t want her Announce.

There are five parties in this election, but actually only two options.

Quote from:Erin O’Toole, Leader of the Canadian Conservative Party

In other words, in the eyes of the Conservative Party leader, Canadians are invited to choose between his party or Justin Trudeau’s, and other political parties are not viable options.

Mr. O’Toole refuses, however, to appeal for strategic voteTrudeau, who doubles down on his trips to seduce “progressive” voters who are tempted by the NPD.

According to the chief PCCThe time has come for Canada as it was known in the era of the liberals – a country mired in debt and hypocrisy For six years, says O’Toole – again a place where Canadians can express their pride.

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Canada where we can raise our flag without embarrassmentHe added, referring to the half-mast maple leaf on federal buildings, at Mr Trudeau’s request, since unidentified burials were discovered near the grounds of former Aboriginal residential schools.

There are a lot of people in this country who are angry with Mr. Trudeau. He only wants to talk about the protesters because it suits him, but there are millions of others, he said, judging that a Much of this anger is justified.

Like Justin Trudeau, O’Toole decided to campaign on Friday in Ontario, where the Conservatives, who held just 34 of the province’s 121 seats when the House of Commons was dissolved, plan to gain, according to their leader.

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