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Walking in Rouen Noranda for the Kidney Foundation of Canada

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The event aims to raise funds to help people with kidney disease and support research.

This is confirmed by the Regional President of the Kidney Foundation of Canada, Norman Lemieux Approximately 500 people are followed up for kidney failure and about a hundred patients are on dialysis.

It reminds us that these patients must constantly travel for care. It’s all the time of the transfer back and forth, which is three to four hours of treatment that needs to be done every other day. It’s really a rehearsal for these guys and a race against time all the time to stay alive. She often waits for a kidney transplant, otherwise lifelong dialysis will be requiredDirector insists.

Regional President of the Canadian Kidney Foundation, Norman Lemieux

Photo: Radio Canada / Boualem Hagouti

He explains that this type of event is meant to encourage people to sign an organ donation card.

Furthermore, Norman Lemieux adds, At Abitibi-Témiscamingue, approximately 500 people are monitored for kidney failure and about 100 are on dialysis. There are between 25 and 30 patients on the waiting list for a kidney transplant.

The kidneys are always the most in demand. At the level of Quebec, we are trying to get more kidney donors. There is also a live donation that exists between brothers and sisters between the parents, and there are also cross grafts that can be made between people. In the regions, we always have 25-30 patients waiting for transplant all the time.He said.

Among the participants is Lucy Perrault of Evan who has been waiting for a transplant for 5 years.

She’s on primary dialysis, but she has to take a lot of medication and make sure she eats.

I’m very careful, kidneys at 5%, but everything else is working great. I’m still very fortunate, I can go about my business, I have energy, we’re waiting and that’s why we’ve come to the foundation to try to raise awareness of donations and help with research and also help families most in needas you say.

Another parade takes place on Sundays in the Val-d’Or Recreational Forest.

Last Saturday, she organized a similar rally in La Surrey and raised more than $10,000.

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