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Ottawa is planning a very comfortable three-day quarantine

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A small step towards a three-day quarantine at the hotel has been taken into effect for travelers returning to the country awaiting the test result yesterday.

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has revealed its standards for hoteliers, who have until February 10 to express their interest in welcoming these guests.

Interested enterprises must be, among other things, within a radius of 10 kilometers from an international airport.

They should also be able to send ‘Canadian Food Guide’ meals, without connecting to rooms, and have free WiFi access.

Hotels will provide transportation for travelers from the airport to their rooms, and will also have to respect ventilation standards and a strict cleaning protocol.

“There is no impossible technical challenge in this,” explains Yves Barry, CEO of the Grand Montreal Hotel Association.

As for Quebec City, there are a few thousand rooms within a radius of 10 kilometers from the airport, she assures us, distributed among “12 or 15 hotels all 3 or 4 stars”.

In their registration request, hotels will indicate how many rooms are available to travelers, and whether they are, for example, a full floor.

M. “Demand planning is what will be a challenge.”I Ready. Hotels may have to re-hire laid-off employees, but it is difficult to predict when you do not know how many guests will be accommodated.

Not many people

“There will be no crowds at the door,” says Christian German, hotels with the same name. His company has one facility located 10 kilometers from an airport in Toronto that will be registered in the PHAC program.

“They will put the quarantine into effect as soon as everyone comes home, so we don’t expect large quantities,” she says.

In fact, since the mandatory quarantine was announced more than two weeks ago, carriers have canceled many popular routes for winter travelers.

In any case, it is not the mandatory three-day quarantine that will allow the hotel sector to emerge from the recession in which it finds itself.

“Valentine’s Day will be much better for us than it could be,” says Christian German, laughing.

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