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Two Super Bowl commercials by Nova Film de Québec [VIDÉOS] | Business | the sun

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Tony Vaughn
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The negative perception that a Quebec filmmaker might have soon disappeared from the California film crews, so much so that François Lallier was distinguished by the positive and open attitude of the artistic team.

The 37-year-old director adds, “They don’t care about your age, where you come from, they just want to know your thoughts.”

However, it wasn’t the American baptism of Nova Film, which has in the past made contracts with Chuck Norris, as well as some National Hockey League stars like Alexander Ovechkin and Marc-André Fleury.

Opportunities despite the pandemic

Whereas, the epidemic could have put an end to NovaFilm’s activities. The company is headquartered in San Roch and will have its share of major projects in 2020.

“After 13 years, we can say Nova Film is on the right track,” says Francois Lallier, who will have other major projects to be implemented, not only in Quebec, but also in English Canada and Europe.

Many businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic. But at Nova, we made good decisions and embarked on projects that make a difference, ”adds David Boleyn, director and partner at Nova Film.

The two men consider Quebec to be an increasingly targeted destination by major advertising producers in North America.

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