Ottawa temporarily suspends a week of waiting before an EI examination

The federal government temporarily suspends the one-week waiting period for EI claims.

This change basically means that, as of January 31, Canadians will be able to receive benefits immediately after applying. This change is expected to take effect until September 25, when a series of interim EI measures and three “pandemic benefits” will expire.

The one-week rule suspension applies to claims for regular EI benefits, hunting benefits, and special benefits, such as maternity and parental leave.

The government had already eliminated the one-year waiting period for employment insurance benefit claims after September 27, 2020.

Recruitment and Manpower Development Minister Carla Caltrow said in a statement on Friday that the temporary waiver of the waiting period for all applicants is expected to relieve “the enormous financial burden on applicants and workers” and support them more quickly “when they need it most”.

According to the latest figures from Ottawa, nearly 2.3 million people are currently receiving EI benefits.

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