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About 22 days later, in Ottawa, the big bad police arrived on horseback. Not without warning her several hours in advance that she was going down. Our ‘dictator’ still has husks to eat.

What are our brave freedom fighters doing?

They provoke, use their children as shields in front of the police, attack journalists, and brag that they are brave citizens under the shoes of a dictator.

Above all, they are waiting for the police to make the mistake that will make them poor martyrs that the unspeakable Tucker Carlson will defend on Fox News.

This is what they want: the status of the nation’s martyrs.

How do you want to end?

Like a movie script?

A naughty protester meets a young and beautiful policewoman with burning eyes, and falls in love. I succumbed to his charms, letting everything go and they both gave themselves up to an all-consuming passion in the cabin of his truck. Tortured between drunkenness and duty, she tries to persuade him to surrender. He is the boss and he will never give up. leave it.

Having become a shadow of himself, he weakens. But he is strong and able to rally his comrades who will lift the occupation. A stunned policewoman returns to her hero, love triumphs.

Welcome ! We are not in Hollywood

The American far-right movements that generously funded this “snow vacation” camp with toys for kids, a spa, barbecue pigs and fuel of all kinds want a return on investment.

The blockade is being lifted in Ottawa, but on what basis will this intervention by the American far-right continue in Canada now?

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Frankly, did the “protesters” expect to bring down the Trudeau government? Who was going to become their head of state? Maxime Bernier Rimbaud?

misery! Come home and consider yourself lucky we weren’t going camping in our tanks in front of your houses to give you a horn concert.

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