Outdoor cat terraces to make you want to meow

Demand is stable but increasingDon Pacha, Chairman and CEO of Designated Patios of Hellas, A company dedicated to building a cat yard.

According to him, this type of installation can often be found in backyards due to the high popularity of DIY home.

People better understand the needs of their pets, especially the needs of cats that have always been slightly neglected, Explique M. vines.

The idea of ​​building these terraces was also born when a former construction worker adopted his two cats, Spartacus and Zeus. They inspired us to create something for them to enjoy the outdoors in a safe way.

Some internet searches later allowed him to discover these popular offshore facilities in the UK or Australia for 25 years. We were like, ‘Hey, we could do something like this here!’

Some of the training courses built by Don Baccha offer a series of air tunnels and fenced-in watchtowers for side hold. in the fresh air From the structure. In addition, the absence of a roof makes it possible not to violate municipal regulations., notice.

However, it is crucial to maintain independent access to these terraces for cats, he said. He explains it for their welfare. They love to know that they can come home if something happens.

Veterinarian Natasha Russell says this essential component of these structures makes them beautiful. It gives cats the illusion of having more options, which is really essential when it comes to environmental enrichment.

It creates a kind of sandwich between a rather boring inner life and an outdoor life that is potentially dangerous and dangerous., And she adds.

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Cats can watch the birds sing or just watch the world spin thanks to these facilities. Plus they exercised it … which is a big thing as we see more and more obesity in our petsThe vet says.

She also believes that cat rooftops reduce environmental hazards, such as cars or attacks from other animals.

Don Baccha hopes to continue producing terraces tailored to the taste of his customers, especially cats. It is very interesting in designConcludes.

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