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Panty Color: A game to learn all about the rules

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The Couleur Culotte, imagined by Lucie Duhoux in Tarbes, speaks to the female anatomy, embellished with elegant imagery. During creation, the game needs financial support.

Men and boys, do not turn the page! One of Couleur Culotte's ambitions in Tarbes (Hautes-Pyrénées) is that knowledge of female anatomy and the menstrual cycle are not topics reserved only for women. Lucy Duhoux, the nurse who started the project, attests: “When I was doing prevention in schools or colleges, the boys were the first to ask questions.”. For professionals who have worked for two years as a school nurse in Lithuania, they have a role to play in supporting and accompanying women, by informing them about the problems they face.

Lack of information for young girls

However, the project was born from a woman's imagination and concerns: Lucy was diagnosed in 2017 with endometriosis, a gynecological disease that affects one in 10 women and affects their personal lives. “I had very severe pain that was radiating up my leg, and it was very debilitating.” The 30-year-old explains. She then paused her nursing studies to take care of herself.. “Then I read a lot about the female reproductive system and menstruation; “I learned a lot.”, specify. She then decided to share her new knowledge to compensate for the institutional lack of information for young people. “For example, the Obstetrics and Gynecology module disappeared from the nursing studies curriculum in 2009.” Lucy denounces.

Then I imagined an association called Lunes Rouges, which would implement the game project while providing information, education, and promoting menstrual health. “There is more to be done to promote menstrual health, safety and hygiene in schools.”“, notes Lucie. For example, Lunes Rouges and its creator were present last Friday, January 26 on the campus of the Pierre Mendès France school in Vic-en-Bigorre, where, at the initiative of the students, seven dispensers for all types of sanitary protection were installed in the toilets of the three institutions .

How do we play it?

Lucy and three of her relatives started thinking about a board game, a trivia game full of questions about menstrual health. The game is currently under construction, the visual identity has been found, and the educational booklet accompanying the board has been written. The illustrations, created by art student Elliott Marutelle, are brilliant. In addition to her work week, Lucy is putting the finishing touches on the digital version. “Obviously we hope to have the questions and information verified by a scientific board.” She explained. Ultimately, the game will be accessible to everyone from the age of 12, but the ideal solution for its creator is to play it accompanied by a mediator, someone such as an older sister, parent, or teacher, in order to strengthen bonds between generations. But it also constitutes a serious and scientific tool for implementing prevention in schools.

Flash and Couleur Culotte support

Backed by €5,000 in its inception by institutional partners, Couleur Culotte needs more to continue establishing itself and will therefore launch a prize pool (see reverse). Its designer hopes to be able to distribute 50 toys to schools in the Hautes-Pyrénées region during 2024.

Need support

Support the project launch financially via helloasso.com/associations/lunes-rouges.

Registration link to pre-order the game: ulule.com/couleur-culotte/coming-soon/

To follow the adventure on Instagram: @couleurculotte

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