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Pascal gives a great show

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Jean Pascal was waiting for a few Quebec journalists in a Racquin car in front of his locker room after winning by a split decision against Badou Jacques. His face was swollen, but he was in a good mood.

This is where Badoo Jack came to congratulate him. Pascal’s greeting of “a field” made his heart happy.

Since then, these two men have clearly appreciated and respected each other. But they have to put on a good show for American columnists and sell their June 6 concert in Miami.

I was happy to participate in a press conference for Zoom this week. In fact, even though Jan spoke a lot, his smile he couldn’t contain shows that facing Badou Jack would be a purely professional and sporting affair and that there was nothing personal that could fuel the aggression of the two men.

Jean rode firmly on the line. That he fell to the ground in the twelfth round was not one thing, and that he lost his balance after really trying and thus was deprived of a decisive victory.

Indeed, it is difficult to say what was not on Pascal’s mind. Badu Jack sure gave the champion a punch at twelve, but counting from 10 to 8 instead of 10-9 had a huge impact on the scorecards.

Either way, revenge will appear. He always hoped Jean Pascal would not fight too much in his brilliant career.

Bazinian … very touching

It’s a matter of space and we’ll have to wait a little to see the touching story of Eric Baziniane. The Quebec boxer of Armenian descent is in a very dramatic and moving situation with his country, Armenia, which he left when he was 15 or 16 years old. Tomorrow, Matteo Pollay will tell you the full story …

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