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Patrice L’Écuyer has been sued by CKMF after giving 85 rides to Disney

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Celebrity host Patrice L’Écuyer is back on the show in the mediaon the little-known fact of his career.

In an interview with Marie-Louise Arsenault on the show in the media Broadcast Wednesday night on Télé-Québec, L’Écuyer recounted how he fell out with the CKMF chiefs in the late 1990s.

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In an excerpt provided on social networks, host Calm down, let’s play! He explained that his excessive generosity towards the listeners of his radio show had caused conflict with the management of CKMF.

“At CKMF, it ended very badly. It ended up in court,” Lequoier says.

“I was drooling very, very. Very Robin Hood.[…] People were calling. They were telling a joke. It was funny. Here, we’ll send you to Disney with your family. 4 days at Disney. I don’t have the right to give you that, but if the radio doesn’t give you that, well, I’ll stop working next week. I can do it,” added the person we knew at the time lie detectors.

He then admitted to giving people 85 trips to Disney that year.

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After receiving a warning from management not to give away anything the station did not own, Léquiere allegedly invited residents to come to pick up the station’s furniture, much to the indignation of his superiors.

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We understand them quite a bit, anyway…

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