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Anami Paul resigns from the Green Party | Another step towards the door

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(Ottawa) A month and a half after announcing her resignation from the presidency of the Green Party of Canada (GSC), here is Anami Paul announcing that she has officially notified the formation of her resignation – and also that she is tearing up his membership with energy.

Melanie Marquez

Melanie Marquez

Today, I sent a formal notice of my resignation to the State Security Court. I will also terminate my SSC membership. I’ve been honored to work with Canadians, and I look forward to serving in other ways,” she wrote on Twitter Wednesday in English only.

On September 27, following a disastrous election, Anami Paul said in a press conference that she had begun the “process” of her resignation as the leader of the Green Party. It will remain on hold for at least a month and a half.

The team must now accept his resignation. According to former Deputy Commandant Daniel Green, this must be done quickly if any confusion is to be removed.

He himself is skeptical. “Anami Bowl really played some tricks on us regarding the uncertainty. She announced that she was going to resign, but there, we realized it was a media announcement and not a contractual one,” he said in an interview.

Disagreements over clauses in his contract would have delayed the process, according to Ma Journalism Several sources are aware of the negotiations.

There was also, in the background, the stalking interest that the master said.I Paul had sued his training when his leadership was in jeopardy – the resigned leader demanded compensation for the legal costs he had incurred in this crusade in court.

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It was not possible to confirm whether this issue had been resolved as of this writing on Wednesday. But Daniel Green says the party showed “good faith” in withdrawing the appeal lodged in the Ontario Supreme Court.

“And there, now, it must end,” he interrupts.

“If it’s true that we live racists…”

What did Daniel Green think of the fact that Mr.I Paul tearing up his green card? Convinced to present that she is “free” to do so, there is a joke accompanied by a free translation of a line by Woody Allen at the opening of the film. Annie Hall.

“After all, if what you’re saying is true, we’re racists’ live…as the Woody Allen saying goes. [qui paraphrasait dans le film une blague de Groucho Marx]Why would I still be a member of an organization that accepts me as a member? He argues on the other end of the phone.

When she confronted an indoor shooter, last June, the leader accused of racism — and sexism — some members of the Federal Training Council who sought to fire her.

In the September 20 federal election, the Greens slipped in support, taking 2.3% of the vote compared to 6.6% in 2019, when Elizabeth May was in charge of the formation.

In Quebec, the formation received 1.5% of the vote. There was much disagreement between the leader and the Quebec wing, to the point that the latter gave birth to a platform that was the master.I Paul did not participate.

The outgoing former Vice President, Victoria Gallia, did not answer questions from Journalism, Wednesday.

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