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Patricia Paquin tells netizens who criticize her appearance on social networks

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Patricia Paquin decided to respond, definitively, to netizens who allowed themselves to criticize her appearance and the appearance of other public figures in Quebec.

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As we know, social networks can bring their share of positivity, but also negativity, while some people have a field day criticizing behind their screens. Although no one is immune, these situations often happen especially to stars who are in the public eye.

Specifically, Patricia Paquin decided to take the time to create a video on her Instagram page, in which she kindly asks people to take care of their own affairs and not comment on other people’s intent, because it is something that does not appear in others.

She also regrets noticing that it is mainly women who leave this type of comment, and she would like to see more solidarity.

Watch his message here:

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“Peace! Sometimes less than my posts or other characters’ posts, I can read the comment: “Third, you should give up Botox!” Never mind! That we have Botox, that we have gained 25 pounds, that we have lost 15, that we have dirty gray hair, that we have Wrinkles, and we look younger… It’s malicious comments and it’s often women who leave that kind of comment in there. Can we be more united? Fired.

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His publication seems to have struck a chord, because there are many comments, mostly from Quebec stars such as Farda-Etienne, Melissa Bedard, Melanie Maynard, Julie Ringet, Julie Belanger, Marie-Yves Janvier, Marie Solly Dion, Isabel Racicot and many others who have praised with the words of their colleague. Obviously, in this aspect, the sorority was very present!

We hope the message gets through!

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