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Patrick Kane in the Blue Jackets scenes

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Patrick Kane does not want to stay in Chicago. Jonathan Toews does not want to stay in Chicago. why? Because players want to win games and go to another Stanley Cup.

And that’s fine because the club definitely wants to replace her, which is a matter of getting close to Conor Bedard.

I think despite the salary restriction, it will be difficult to pass Toews. He’s not the most productive guy anymore and I think the reality of the NHL’s 2022 salary cap is working against him.

However, on a deadline, there is sometimes a way to be creative.

Patrick Kane is also earning $10.5 million this year and will also be free in 10 months, but he’s riding more than his leader. So I think the chances of him seeing him leave are greater.

But again, because of his salary, I see him start the season in Chicago.

We know that in recent weeks the Maple Leafs and Oilers have taken an interest in the player. We are talking about a player who fills the defensive gaps in D… Well, no, Kane is just like the majority of high-income earners in Toronto and Edmonton.

What it tells me is that when you have the opportunity to think about adding a player like Patrick Kane, you do. It’s such a good recorder that you should at least talk to the hawks.

That’s what Blue Jackets will do, too.

According to information from Nick Alberga, who works for Sportsnet, the American is currently in the crosshairs of Columbus FC for the upcoming NHL season.

Can a Buffalo citizen be happy in the so-called boring city for a year? After all, we must not forget that he controls his own destiny through the immobility clause.

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Surprisingly, Blue Jackets do not have a penny at the moment under the salary cap. In fact, they only have a little over $400,000, which isn’t enough for Kane’s contract.

It might involve magic, but perhaps playing with Johnny Goudreau could inspire him to accept a potential trade in Ohio… and perhaps inspire the jackets to stir up the seas and worlds to make the trade realistic.

But I will believe it when I see it.

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