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People who are good at numbers tend to be more satisfied with their lives

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  • The invention of mathematics is inseparable from the process of developing writing.
  • This is why the Babylonians, and then the Egyptians, appear as the first users of mathematics.

People who are good at numbers tend to have higher incomes and greater life satisfaction, According to a study.

$4,062 extra

We studied the relationships between arithmetic, income satisfaction, and general quality of life in a diverse sample of 5,525 American adults. Explanation of the researchers published in PLOS ONE. As a reminder, arithmetic is defined as the ability to use, apply, interpret and communicate mathematical information and ideas, in order to lead and manage numerical problems in various situations of everyday life.

The first lesson from the survey: The more talented people in the account had the higher the income. For each higher point scored on the math test suggested by the scientists, the subjects participating in the experiment reported an average of $4,062 extra in their annual income. Note 2: Higher income associated with a larger account has been linked to more favorable ratings for overall quality of life.


finally, “Research has also indicated that people who are very good at working with numbers compare numbers more often than people who are educated,” Researchers explain, “Which means that the same income is valued differently by people who are somewhat gifted in mathematics,” They add.

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