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Permanent radiation to an ex-lawyer from Val d’Or

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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Noémie Beauchemin was convicted last May on 17 counts related to actions taken in January 2021, just six months after he was called to the bar.

As part of the support review hearing before the Supreme Court, the attorney sent the opposing party a series of forged documents, before showing them in court. She also encouraged her client to pass on false information to the court and her employer, in addition to asking them to destroy their communications.

After learning of the allegations, Noemi Bochmen boss fired her in March 2021 and asked the union’s office to open an investigation. A disciplinary complaint was filed in July 2021. Five days later, the lawyer resigned from the professional association board.

‘Crimes are numerous and organized’

In its judgment on the punishment, the Disciplinary Board considers that Noémie Beauchemin has directly undermined integrity and profession. It is also noted thatIt is not an isolated act because the crimes are numerous and organized.

Sanctions against Ms. Beutchmin must be exemplary so that members of the Barreau du Québec are not tempted to act in a manner similar to her behaviour.writes the Council in its resolution dated August 12.

The defense requested a two-year temporary expulsion, but the disciplinary board agreed to a permanent expulsion on 15 of the 17 counts, stating that Ms. Bushmen’s public behavior is reckless in relation to her moral obligationsand that’She doesn’t always seem to understand the gravity of the situation.

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