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Persevering rover to return Mars sample to Earth

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The US space agency gave news about l’astromobile perseverance This Friday, August 6th. In fact, through a post on the social network of the blue bird, NASA confirmed that Perseverance in the rover She took an important step in her mission. A sample of Mars soil was taken after it was excavated. The images sent by the robot make it possible to see the boulder pierced by a hole.

“My first drilling on Mars!”

“My first drilling on Mars! Collecting and storing rock samples is a big and complex task, and it’s a big step. Next step: processing.”, in particular let’s read NASA on Twitter to confirm the activities that l’astromobile perseverance. Before digging, the robot will have made a detailed analysis of the area. According to the details, he was going to work on it “Geologic coupling” From the rock to be extracted.

On-the-ground analyzes will continue

Next task l’astromobile perseverance Thus, the study of the sample that was taken will be initiated. It will analyze the mineral and chemical composition of the rock that it may have. The advantage of this review is to measure the size of this content and also take a picture of it. Analyzes will then continue on the ground once the tube has been dispatched.

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