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Pharmacist jailed for sabotaging COVID vaccines | world | news | the sun

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sAccording to the department’s statement, Steven Brandenburg, 46, “deliberately removed” Moderna’s vaccine vials from the refrigerator at the hospital where he was working in Wisconsin (North).

He also ordered the pharmacist to pay $83,800 ($101,300 Canadian) in compensation to the hospital.

He had removed a box of the flasks from two night shifts in December and left them outside the refrigerator for several hours before returning them to management the next day.

The statement stated that 57 people had received doses of spoiled vaccine.

“A deliberate attempt to corrupt vaccine doses during a national health emergency is a serious crime,” said Brian Boynton, acting deputy attorney general in the department’s civil affairs division.

Stephen Brandenburg, who has admitted to being a conspirator, believes the COVID-19 vaccine is dangerous to people and can harm them and change their DNA.

The vaccine from the US laboratory Moderna, like the US-German Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, is based on the use of messenger RNA, a new way to teach the immune system to fight the virus. More than 124 million doses of Moderna have been administered in the United States.

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