Phoenix, Charlotte Cardan’s first released album

In the microphone of Catherine Richter, cultural columnist on the show The 15-18, We could have heard Charlotte Cardin more vulnerable than usual, but it also seems haunted by new wisdom. You admit it right away: Phoenix For her it is the album of questions and achievements on her person.

Go in the sea to feel the life

In recent years, the sweetheart of Quebec pop music felt that what she was experiencing was less grounded in reality and wanted to unleash her inner motivation, even the most damaging one.

Sometimes we just need to seize the present moment, to experience strong emotions, even if they destroy us, because we prefer to choose that rather than some kind of stable numbness., She explains about a topic Does not make sense, The third single to be released for the album after that My Father And the Passive aggressive.

The 26-year-old wanted it The choice of pure experience over something rational, good for us, is done to please others.

Does not make sense, He co-wrote it like the majority of the album with his good friend Jason Brando, and it’s a song about excesses that we sometimes pay to check if we’re still alive, In a world where everything is superfluous and nothing really makes sense.

It’s a topic that applies to romantic relationships, but also to all kinds of strong relationships, be it addictions or family relationships..

Understand the causes of depression

In an unexpected explosion of candor, Charlotte Cardin also talks about an unknown clip from her youth, which she always pulls with her.

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It’s something a lot of people don’t know, but when I was very young I used to suffer from depression. You’ve actually gone through some very dark times. And I didn’t take the time to look back and understand whyShe explained.

Without going into details of the episode in question, the singer explains that the fears of this time have haunted her in recent years.

I have truly realized that throughout my life I have had times when I feel very empty. I wasn’t sure why and it is something I am still discovering.

The death and resurrection of the phoenix

This resurrection was also accompanied by a Angry about not having achieved these things before.

This is a kind of what the phoenix represents, this duality between personal growth – and thus the rebirth of the phoenix – and this shame, those who regret not knowing these things before and feeling that we want to please people. People without really knowing the cause, which is the death side of the phoenix.

So the audience can expect to know this Phoenix Charlotte Cardin is new, an artist who accepts her contradictions and no longer seeks to please at all costs.

I’ve reached an age where, in fact, there’s a part of me that doesn’t really care what people think.

Charlotte Cardin

This album is truly created without compromise and is for it [cette raison] That it took a long time to do that and I’m very proud of itas you say.

Available from April 9, 2021. Phoenix It was co-written and produced with Jason Brando and Marc Andre Gilbert. Music video for … Does not make sense It is signed by Norman Wong and produced by Colossale.

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With information from Kathryn Richter, columnist for Culture at 15-18.

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