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Antoine da Costa, president of Lab’Science and Dagard, builder of clean rooms, is a success story

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In his teenage room, in Vitry-sur-Seine, near Paris, Antoine da Costa, And wore a poster of his idol, Portuguese midfielder Paulo Sousa, European champion with Juventus, in 1996, and teammate Didier Deschamps. Two models, two players in need, became great coaches.

At that time the heart of this immigrant son hesitated between ” Paris Saint-Germain Dartor Jorge and Benfica Lisbon, “ Admits Antoine da Costa, president science lab And now who Daggard, Two companies that design and equip laboratories and clean rooms, mainly for APHP. They set up the only so-called “P4” laboratory in France, the laboratory of Jean Mérieux-Inserm in Lyon. So they’re working on Mobile decontamination unitsIt aims, for example, to remove bacteria from shopping carts.

Pure product from national education

He realized his football dream until the age of 45 by judging matches every weekend. School in vivo conflict management. But this leader, married to an editor he met in high school, where he had three children, found another profession: climate engineering, having trained at the University of Orsay, and then at the Faculty of Science in Josio.

“I am a pure product of national education”, Raised by a divorced mother, Antoine da Costa sums up the cleaning lady at Orly Airport. “It prompted my sister and I to persevere in studying.” Yahya, 47, is an Education For All supporter, who earned a PhD in Aerosol Science and Pollution Engineering after his older sister became a professor of business administration.

His career began at Sanofi and at IBM, where he prepared protocols for measuring air quality, before he secured his first CDI as a technical sales engineer in the Eurofins lab. He applied to the position of Industrial Sales Manager, before moving to Omega, a subsidiary of GDF Water & Heating Equipments. “I invested my premiums in the stock exchange by reading specialized newspapers.” Slips.

LBO at 33

He was 33 years old, in 2006, when the great corporate history collided with his company: the merger of GDF Suez, to become Engie, he excluded the Omega subsidiary from the deal in order to avoid a dominant position.

“I was preparing for an acquisition on behalf of Omega, the Air Climat in Courtaboeuf, Essonne, whose manager was retiring.”As Antoine da Costa says. Despite his young age, the CEO of Omega launched: “The tide was going well with the carrier and his right-hand man, Frederick Tessier, who stayed in place. Within forty-eight hours we convinced the banks. The LBO was paid off for 7 years in four years.”

With training from the Entreprendre network in Essonne, Antoine Da Costa has scaled up. Air Climat became Climascience after that science lab In 2017, which brings together about 15 companies and 300 employees for 60 million euros in business volume. Rather than a group, I’d rather talk about a network., Is the nuances.

The team game fans have ensured Associate Executive Directors, “To delegate better », Specifies this coach, who occasionally attends matches of Paris Saint-Germain, as well as matches of the French rugby team. “He is a diligent worker who does not try to dictate a vision from above.”Greetings, Assistant Director.

The Manager participation ranges from 5% to 49%, Depending on the situations. “I have never used the majority position to impose a decision,” Antoine da Costa confirms.

Then, Luis Borges, president of the Portuguese group Purever, Jupiter, crossed his way in 2018, from Dagard, the French leader in barriers and cleanroom equipment, Based in Poussac (Cruz) that employs 350 people. “View onParticipant, up to 9%He gave me the presidency. “Antoine da Costa, who just joined Bpi Excellence Program from Nouvelle-Aquitaine. From now on, his goal became clear: to become a French champion in the clean rooms.

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