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Photographer Robin Ghislaine Chombocho traces his way through Canada

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He still enjoys his first view of the island, through the windows of a plane coming from Montreal. Charlottetown, the county capital, sank into pitch black. Cold and snow on the tarmac at the “very small” airport.

Shocked, I thought ‘Hola, but where are the lights?’ “I understood that I had embarked on a trip to the real Canada,” jokes the young man.

Robin Ghislaine Chombocho immigrated from Rwanda to Prince Edward Island. “It’s a good place to have a home and start a family,” he says.

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Robin Ghislaine Chombocho first entered commerce at PEI, and soon realized that this field, chosen “to please his parents”, was not for him. Passionate about documentaries, he later turned to journalism. Here again, this tendency is resented by him.

His real passion is photography, a field he has been experimenting with since his teens. Black Boxes were always his partners in family reunions, on the streets of Kigali he roamed in search of appearances to capture, revealing the humanities.

“My mother pushed me to invest myself in this way, she told me that my eyes are good. With us, it is very important to have artistic talents,” he says. With an amateur singer mother and former professional musician father, he was always immersed in a very rich cultural environment.

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