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Immersion in Montreal filming locations at Cinemania

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Over the past 30 years, Montreal has hosted not only Hollywood shots, but many shots of the great Francophonie., remembers Gilham Kayard, Director General of the Cinemania Film Festival, on the microphone of Eugenie Lippin Blondeau, cultural columnist at all morning.

The first part of the route takes the form of an exhibition to be organized at the Place des Festivals, from 1 to 14 November. Every evening at 5 p.m., audiences will be able to watch video presentations on the Wilder Building and President Kennedy’s suite at the University of Quebec in Montreal, which includes the Montreal locations where scenes from Quebec and international films were filmed.

from Laura Kadio to me X-Men passing by Louis Sir

The Cinemania team spoke with the directors, producers and craftsmen of the films concerned to accompany the visuals and explain their reasons for choosing such and such venue.

There for example It’s your turn, Laura Kadio, which was especially photographed by Denis Viliatrolt on St. Joseph Street […], but we will also talk about X-MenWe are full of FrancophonieGilham Kiar explained.

We went to Beaver Lake to talk about itaudit, and also from Sister in lawWritten by Monia Shoukry, he added.

Montreal, a character in itself

Among other films to be starred, we think among other films Nadia, the butterfly, the shooting was mostly done on the Olympic Stadium; to me Hochelaga, Land of Soulss; to me Brooklyn or for Louis Sir.

We know how lovable Montreal is. […] Many directors, both here and abroad, use Montreal because it is a resilient character; You can turn it over to New York, Berlin, and Moscow in the 1930s.

Quote from:Gilham Kyaar, Managing Director of Cinemania Film Festival

Montreal action! It will also be available as an audio tour that can be listened to until July 2022. Thanks to QR codes displayed on the 13 filming locations selected for the exhibition, passers-by will have access to podcasts produced by Cinemania that combine anecdotes with storytelling.

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audit, the first Quebec movie to open Cinemania

path Montreal action! It won’t be the only new one at Cinemania. This year is also the year of the firstGilham Kellard said.

This is the first time we’ve had a movie from Quebec open for Cinemania. This is the first time we’re giving the floor to a female director shooting her first movie – Catherine Terrain had never made any feature films before. [Une révision]. It’s also the first time we’ve had so many viewing sessions [soit 128]And this is the first time we’ve made a hybrid version.

The festival will open its doors with auditstarring Patrice Ropitel as Professor of Philosophy, and will end withlost illusionsby Xavier Giannulli. This French drama stars Xavier Dolan in an adaptation of a novel by Honoré de Balzac.

The audience will also be able to see memory boxCo-produced by France, Canada and Lebanon, directed by the micro_scope team behind the film firesWritten by Denis Villeneuve. WorldIt is the first feature film by Belgian director Laura Wandel, which deals with bullying in schools, and will also be shown in theaters.

The Cinemania Film Festival will be held indoors from November 2 to 14, and online from November 2 to 21 via the festival’s digital platform (A new window).

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With information from Eugénie Lépine-Blondeau, the show’s cultural columnist all morning.

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