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The season is now over.

Thanks for being with us.

The idea behind Paws Yellow is to offer a meeting point between animals looking for a home and a family ready to welcome them. This site does not consider your location, but rather your search criteria for the ideal life mate.


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    Regina Geppetto!

    Meet carpentry enthusiasts who make wooden toys. Cédric Delavaud also offers lessons for French-speaking children. Her goal: to convey this love of wood and to help young people develop techniques for working with this unique and natural material.

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    The ketchup deal!

    A businessman turns a village legend heard when he was young, into a real ketchup factory project. Curiosity isn’t it? Learn about his journey and the history of the ketchup mine in Padua.

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    The earth is not flat!

    It is above all surprising. Take for example St. John in New Brunswick, fall is reversible! The tides in the Bay of Fundy are so strong that they reflect the current of the Saint John River.

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    circus life

    Are you flexible? Probably not as much as Tuedon Ariri. The young circus artist talks to us about the challenges of her career choice. Passion is necessary to survive in this environment.

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    Here is a skyscraper with a great personality

    Grosvenor Pacific Tower is located in Vancouver. The architects wanted to present a functional and aesthetic building. This building, which is easily recognizable, offers several points of view, including that of pedestrians.

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    african tales

    Mary Evelyn Bellinga tries to offer some comfort by sharing life lessons from African tales.

The season is now over.

Thanks for being with us.

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