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Environment Canada denies wanting to have a ‘green’ army

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A blog article confirmed that Environment and Climate Change Canada intends to create a “climate police” and that the building, which is intended to protect firearms, is under construction. This information has been officially rejected by Environment Canada.

The famous text, which quickly went viral on social media, was published on August 23 on the blog “The Counter Signal”.

He claims that Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is building a new facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba to house at least “a firearms depot, interrogation rooms, biological laboratories, media relations offices,” and intelligence facilities.

“Architectural plans leaked to The Counter Signal, revealing Trudeau’s plans to militarize the climate change agenda.”

The author also claims that the Ministry will seek to hire “pollution officers” to enforce the Federal Government’s Impact Assessment Act.

“If you emit a lot of carbon or use a lot of fertilizer, you may be blacklisted by a climate communist,” she says.

This law, adopted by the federal government in 2019, aims to strengthen controls related to the environment and other social factors – such as gender parity and the impact on Indigenous communities – regarding construction projects.

‘Determining the facts’

On Twitter, Environment Canada said it was aware of these “misleading posts”.

“[Elles] We suggest that we are creating a new law enforcement function. This is not true and it is necessary to get things right,” stated the series of tweets posted on September 1.

“Our enforcement branch is nothing new. It was formally established in 2008. Our staff enforces many federal environmental laws that prevent pollution and protect wildlife and biodiversity in Canada.”

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Environment Canada has confirmed that these officers are “not climate change law enforcement officers”.

“Wildlife officers are implementing laws such as the Endangered Species Act to protect many of Canada’s most valuable species,” she said, adding that the department “is in the process of recruiting new officers to maintain its existing workforce.

As for the new building, Environment Canada has indicated that it is already “in the process of transition”.

“Our agents and other employees are leaving the office that is currently in Winnipeg. There are floor plans that are being shared on social media, but the description of the facility is completely false.”

After Environment Canada’s reaction, “The Counter Signal” responded with a second article, claiming that the ECCC “confirmed the authenticity of documents” posted on its site, but completely omitted the part where Environment Canada classifies false text content.

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