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piece of ground. Ekiden in Cahors: 1224 Lights to Illuminate the Path of Science against Huntington’s Disease

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With a 7km walk, then a headlight marathon, as a symbol of guiding researchers against Huntington’s disease, Ekiden remains true to its mission of solidarity and health, on Saturday evening in Cahors.

Walking and Running: This is the always winning recipe for the many sporting events that are organized in the interest of research. A few weeks after Kadorsen took to the stage against breast cancer, Team Ekiden returned to the streets of the medieval city on Saturday, mobilizing for its 10th edition 168 walkers and 1,224 runners, or 204 6-member teams determined to give breath to the researchers involved in Huntington’s disease. .

This neurodegenerative disease of the central nervous system in particular causes serious motor and cognitive disturbances and leads to severe disability.

The research was launched in a science marathon that he intends to win with the help of Ekiden participants in full steps, as a team, over a marathon distance: 42.195 km. Before starting the team’s 7km walk and marathon, during the warm-up period, we asked them what motivates them?

Walkers’ words

Fun, solidarity and athletic ambition? Ekiden’s Lotto did not show himself stingy with words and confidence. Their common points: determination, solidarity with patients and research.

Pedestrians were also on time on a Saturday afternoon. They traveled 7 kilometers.
DDM image, J.-LG

Martin: “I walk because I am affected by the cause and because I know a father and son with this disease. Genevieve: “I was absent from Cadurcienne. Walking for Ekiden is another way for me to further the research.”

Marie-Therese: “I raced for a year. This time I decided to take a walk to change things up. I must.”

Elizabeth: I’ve already raced three times. This year, after I was injured, I joined the rally in the hope that the money donated would help find a solution, a medicine so that patients could live with dignity and without great suffering. “

A challenge taken up with family and friends

Mixed-team race participants in turn testify to their will and enthusiasm for Ekiden during their warm-up exercises.

The whole family and two friends accepted the challenge. Seb: “I run because I love sports and because there is a reason that simply needs to be defended. This is the first time I’m participating.”

David: “There was a missing person on the team. She showed me, and I said yes,” he answered with a fit of laughter. Sebastian, David, O’Reilly, Fanny and Benoit promised to meet “at an appetizer” after the race. Yes, then, it’s wiser.

The end of the warm-up and confidence in the press. The difference is concentrated. Scientists rely on every participant and every step brings them one step closer to achieving victory against Huntington’s disease. Same discount on Saturday for all participants.

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