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Pierce Morgan leaves after Megan’s complaint

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The Palestinian News Agency reported, Wednesday, that Meghan Markle complained to the British channel ITV of accusations of lying to the presenter of the star Pierce Morgan before announcing the departure of this fierce critic of Prince Harry’s wife.

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On Monday, after an excerpt from the couple’s interview was aired, in which Megan spoke of her suicidal thoughts and complained that she had received no help from the royal family, the host of Good Morning Britain was violently transferred to the Duchess. Sussex, doubts his words.

He said, “I’m sorry, I can’t believe a word.” “I wouldn’t believe her if she’d read the weather report for me.”

According to the Palestinian Authority, the Duchess of Sussex’s complaint about the comments did not blame them for the personal attacks, but rather how they could generally harm people with mental health issues.

Pierce Morgan’s comments were criticized by the Mental Health Defense Association, Mind.

Britain’s OFCOM announced Tuesday that it has opened an investigation after receiving more than 41,000 complaints about the offer.

Then the channel announced the departure of the broadcaster known for his malicious projections against the Duchess or some politicians or “awakened ones”, this desire to be alert to the persecution of minorities.

The Telegraph said ITV executives asked Pierce Morgan to apologize to the Duchess on Tuesday’s broadcast, but he refused.

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Pierce Morgan reiterated his suspicion of Tuesday’s show and accused Alex Beresford of “continuing to demolish” Megan, and accused him of breaking up the group.

On Wednesday, the presenter, known for leaving a tabloid executive after a scandal and his appearance on CNN and the US Talent Contest, told reporters “believe in freedom of expression” and pledged that he would “reappear” on another medium.

As for Megan, he reiterated that he “almost does not believe anything that comes out of her mouth”, denouncing the “tremendous” damage it caused to the monarchy at the time when Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip, was 99 years old. , in the hospital.

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