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Pierre Carl Pelado reveals the dark secret of Jeff Molson

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– amazing…

– Pierre Carl Pelado asks his employees…

To reveal Jeff Molson’s secret…

– Either he is the main enemy of the return of the Quebec Nordiques.

The Canadian can also play an important role in helping Quebec, but Jeff Molson is afraid of losing money.

It’s Michel Bergeron’s turn…

CH benefited from this great rivalry. Montreal better find its archenemy. It will force the organization to be better in every way. Both teams will select the best Quebec players, and they will be more attentive to what is happening in the QMJHL. Everyone would win, but that’s not what Batman wants to see.

Honestly, I wish the Nordics would return more than I really believe. It’s a sad fact.

– Remember, Michel Therrien put his previous owner into TROUBLE trouble on the TVA Sports airwaves.

I think we dream in colour. My Canadian owners group, chaired by Jeff Molson — headed it in 2016, I think, and I was in the team’s entourage at the time — they don’t want the Nordics.

“Put yourself in his shoes. He can’t come out and say ‘I don’t want to get the Nords, I want to keep all the revenue for myself.’ It’s a shame, because I still find that the Canadians have a responsibility to the hockey fans and players, as well as to the staff.”

Quebec. I think that will be important. Unfortunately, with the ownership group that exists with the Montreal Canadiens, I don’t think they want to put the Nordiques in the picture.”

“I made up my mind last year. Training ended. We moved on. That’s why I’m more able to express myself than before. When you’re in ‘the game’, you don’t want to talk too much and get upset.

Péladeau really wants to point the finger at Jeff Molson.

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– Who better than his soldiers from Quebec to attack Malik CH… from below.

– Well done PKP…

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