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Pittsburgh Steelers Deontay Johnson sets 39 yards to catch TD versus Indianapolis Colts

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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Pittsburgh – The Pittsburgh Steelers late-third quarter will drop into the stats list as a 39-yard touchdown, but the ball from Ben Rothlesberger to me Deontay Johnson Travel about 50 yards in the air to pull them within two steps of the Indianapolis Colts.

It was a drastic departure from the short passes and misses that wracked the first half of Sunday afternoon’s game against Colts.

For the better part of the game, Rothlisberger looked like a midfielder who threw just 19 yards in the first half in Monday’s loss to the Bengals. But after trailing 24-7 with just over three minutes remaining in the third quarter, Rothlisberger fired his deepest throw of the match and hit Johnson in the finish zone in the first half of the ninth round.

On the verge of collapsing in their final game of the regular season at home this season, the Steelers were desperate for a relegation – especially after the previous half ended with a failed fourth pass at the goal line. Despite Colts’ penalty kick that put the ball on the 1-yard streak, the Steelers failed to hit it.

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