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Best places to live in Winnipeg for Families

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Winnipeg, the capital city of Manitoba, is a diverse and vibrant city renowned for its rich cultural history, beautiful parks, and most notably, friendly locals. Families moving to Winnipeg will be pleased to discover several areas that offer a blend of recreational facilities, top-rated schools, safety, and a tight-knit sense of community. This article explores some of the best neighbourhoods in Winnipeg for families.

Best places to live in Winnipeg for Families

1. Tuxedo

Known for its peaceful, tree-lined streets, Tuxedo is an affluent neighbourhood that offers an ideal environment for raising a family. It’s centrally located, allowing easy access to Downtown Winnipeg and several recreational amenities.

The neighbourhood boasts the Assiniboine Park and Zoo, Winnipeg’s largest park and a favourite for family outings. Tuxedo’s schools, like Tuxedo Park School, are well-regarded, offering quality education. Although the housing market here is pricier compared to other Winnipeg neighbourhoods, the safe and serene environment is often considered worth the investment.

2. River Heights

River Heights is another family-friendly neighbourhood, appreciated for its sense of community and top-rated schools like Robert H. Smith School. The area is predominantly residential, with beautifully preserved character homes and well-tended gardens. Families in River Heights enjoy close proximity to recreational facilities and parks, including the Pan Am Pool and the Grant Park Shopping Centre. It’s safe streets and welcoming community vibe make River Heights a highly desired neighbourhood for families.

3. Fort Garry

Fort Garry is a diverse and historic neighbourhood that offers excellent housing options for families. It features several green spaces, walking paths, and playgrounds, perfect for family activities.

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Schools in the area, such as Vincent Massey Collegiate and Fort Richmond Collegiate, are known for their strong academic programs. The bustling Pembina Highway, with its array of restaurants and shopping outlets, is another attraction. The neighbourhood is also home to the University of Manitoba, enriching the area with a vibrant intellectual and cultural environment.

4. St. Vital

St. Vital is an energetic and youthful neighbourhood ideal for families seeking a more suburban lifestyle. With a wide range of housing options that cater to various budgets, the neighbourhood is incredibly welcoming.

Its crown jewel, the St. Vital Park, is the largest park in the city after Assiniboine Park, featuring a duck pond, picnic areas, and even an outdoor winter skating oval. St. Vital Centre, one of Winnipeg’s largest shopping malls, is also in this area. The neighbourhood boasts several schools, including Dakota Collegiate and Glenlawn Collegiate, contributing to its appeal for families.

5. Wolseley

Nicknamed the ‘granola belt’, Wolseley is known for its tight-knit community, heritage houses, and abundance of trees and green spaces. It offers a unique, community-oriented lifestyle that many families find attractive.

The neighbourhood is particularly eco-friendly, with organic markets, bike-friendly roads, and community gardens. Wolseley School and Laura Secord School are well-established institutions in the area. Additionally, Wolseley is just a stone’s throw from downtown, offering easy access to city amenities.

6. Linden Woods

Linden Woods is a relatively new suburban neighbourhood characterized by modern homes, manicured lawns, and peaceful cul-de-sacs.

The community is designed around a central park with a lake, playground, and walking trails. It is located in close proximity to the bustling Kenaston Boulevard, home to various shopping and dining options. The neighbourhood has quality schools like Linden Meadows School and Van Walleghem School, making it a favourable choice for families.

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Is Winnipeg a good place to raise a family?

Absolutely. Winnipeg offers a high quality of life for families, including access to quality education, affordable housing, and plenty of recreational activities. With its diverse neighbourhoods, families can choose a lifestyle that suits their needs, whether it’s the buzz of downtown living or the peace of suburban life.

Where is the safest area to live in Winnipeg?

A: Winnipeg has several safe and family-friendly neighbourhoods, including Tuxedo, River Heights, and Linden Woods. These areas have low crime rates and are known for their tight-knit community vibe. However, safety can be subjective and can vary over time, so it’s always recommended to research current data and local news for the most accurate information.


Choosing the right neighbourhood is a critical decision when moving to a new city. Each family has unique needs and wants, whether it’s access to quality schools, a serene environment, affordability, or proximity to amenities. The beauty of Winnipeg is that it offers neighbourhoods with diverse characteristics to suit different families.

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