PlayStation 5: a leak reveals the new model under preparation?

although The PS5 sells twice as much as the Xbox Series X., Playstation 5 shortage remains a big problem, preventing many gamers from acquiring Sony’s next generation console while Jim Ryan (Playstation CEO) announced that The end of the PS5 shortage Soon, we were waiting to see the concrete actions the group took. Finally, analyst Roberto Serrano is the one who can enlighten us by revealing on his Twitter account, Confidential SIE document (Sony Interactive Entertainment) covers All-new PlayStation 5 model with internal title CFI-1115A.

Let it be clear, These are not plans for a PS5 Pro or PS5 Slim in the future. This document deals with a slightly different version of Playstation 5 as we know it. Model can correspond to PS5 redesigned Sony is preparing for the current shortage of components. In the program of this comprehensive release material overhaul, Renewable wireless communication unit, Designated with code AW-XM501. Therefore, the major change between the two versions is likely to be the PS5’s Wi-Fi connectivity. Some sources also indicate the emergence ofAMD’s new 6-nanometer ‘semi-personal’ processor, But documents Sony Recently leaked does not mention it.

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