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Pokemon Go: Boréas Avatar Shiny, How Do You Pick It Up?

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By Laurent P. Posted March 9, 2021 at 2:14 PM Updated March 9, 2021 at 2:15 pm

Watch out for gamers who are fans of Pokemon Go … After Demeteros, it’s another legendary Pokemon turn to tour the game in augmented reality until Thursday, March 11th. This is Boréas, also available in a very rare Avatar Shiny version. How do we fight it and catch it? We are doing an evaluation.

New in Pokemon Go ! Boreas, Legendary Fifth Generation Pokémon returns to spin in the signed game Niantic Lab Until Thursday, March 11, 2021, 8 a.m., by raids during which you will also have the opportunity to capture it, either in a classic version or in its very rare form.Shiny Avatar.

During these raids, he noticed that his legendary Pokemon had 1837 pc During a classic encounter, and in the year 2296 when the latter is encountered when the weather is right. This kind of theft is weak in the face Electricity, rocks and ice. To defeat him, here is a list Pokemon Our colleagues revealed it from videogames.com, Is especially reliable because it was implemented with a simulator:

  • Zichrom – Ray / Lightning crazy charged
  • Charcos – Anti-air / anti-slip
  • Mega Varamp – Change lightning / Élecanon
  • Mega Blizzard – Powder / Ball’Meteo
  • Magnison – Crazy Spark / Lightning
  • Elable – Crazy Lightning Bolt / Crazy Lightning
  • Rinstock – Airproof / Rock Bucket
  • Raiko – Crazy Lightning / Lightning Change
  • Elector Lightning / Thunder

a Pokemon You can catch it more easily in favorable weather conditions … Weather Boost From Is raining, From The snow or Partial clouds To turn the battle in your favor. Regarding attacks BoreasKnow, that during these raids, he will use this on your Pokemon Bite, air knife, but also Grass knot, Ultralaser, Vibroscur And the Violent winds.

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A fight that shouldn’t be fought alone either … and for good reason: Four to five people will be needed to conquer it and hope to catch up, the ideal thing is to get there at seven or eight, especially if you have less experience. You are now ready for this meeting up … on your smartphones!

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