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Pre-Viking gold hoard discovered in Denmark

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Buried in the 6th century in southwest Denmark: An amateur archaeologist has unearthed a hoard of 22 gold pieces, the museum announced on Monday.

“It is made up of many gold objects, including a medallion the size of a saucer. We see a lot of symbols there, some of which are still unknown to us, which will allow us to expand our knowledge of the men of that time”, before the Viking Age, explained to AFP Mads Raven, Director Research. Museums in Vejle, in western Denmark.

The treasure, weighing less than a kilogram, was discovered near Jieling, considered by historians to be the cradle of kings in the Viking Age, between the eighth and twelfth centuries. An amateur archaeologist, who had just bought a metal detector, was the one who put the spotlight on him.

The discovery dates back about six months, but it has been kept a secret until now.

Some objects have runic decorations and inscriptions that may refer to the rulers of that time, but also mention Norse mythology. One coin depicting the Roman Emperor Constantine (early 4th century).

“It is the symbolism that appears on these objects that makes them unique, more than the quantity discovered,” Raven said.

According to first examinations, the treasure could have been deposited as an offering to the gods by a local dignitary at a chaotic time when the climate of northern Europe was turned upside down after a volcanic eruption in Iceland in 536 had covered the sky in ash.

The treasure will be on display at the Vejle Museum from February 2022.

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