Prestigious position for Manon Brouillette in Verizon

Manon Brouillette, the director of Quebec, will have a somewhat professional challenge: she joins the top management of the US telecom giant Verizon.

Vincent Brusseau BeaulieuVincent Brusseau Beaulieu

The former Videotron CEO was named No. 2 in Verizon’s consumer division Thursday. She will take on the new position as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of the Consumer Division, the company’s largest division. This division generates annual revenue of $88.5 billion, or approximately 70% of Verizon’s revenue.

Thus Manon Brouillette, 52, became one of the few Quebecers – and certainly the first woman from Quebec Inc – to hold such a prestigious position in the US business world. She joined a select Quebec club with very few members, the most famous of which is Patrick Bechet, Google’s chief financial officer from 2008 to 2015.

At Verizon, Manon Brouillette will have a special mandate to develop 5G trials and continue to transform Verizon into a technology company, the company said Thursday.

“Manon provides invaluable value to our team. It has built and developed brands, and brought companies into new markets with rapid and sustainable growth. She has entrepreneurial tenacity and experience on the boards of user experience startups such as Sonder and Lightspeed,” said Ronan Dunn, Executive Vice President For Verizon and CEO of Verizon’s Consumer Division, his new role is designed to help us maintain our operational excellence as we support our customers in the 4G world as we move toward a high growth future in 5G.

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The second largest telecommunications company in the United States, Verizon is valued at $235 billion on the New York Stock Exchange and is the 24 الشركة companye Largest publicly listed US company (all sectors combined). Verizon is headquartered in New York City. (By comparison, Canada’s largest publicly traded company, Shopify, is worth Canada’s 184 billion.)

14 years in Videotron

Born in Morrissey and a graduate in Marketing from Université Laval, Manon Brouillette has spent most of her career at Videotron, serving as President and CEO from 2014 to 2018. She surprised the business world when she decided to leave his position at the helm of Videotron at the end of 2018, after 14 years with a Quebecor telecommunications company.

“One of my greatest pride is that I had the courage to quit nearly my best CEO job in Quebec. [celui de Vidéotron]To hear my little inner voice. We were successful and I was very committed to my work. But I wanted to get out of my comfort zone,” Manon Brouillette said in an interview with La Presse in December 2020 (her first interview in two years).

In 2020 and 2021, Manon Brouillette has been appointed to various boards of directors in Canada (National Bank, Lightspeed) and in the United States (Altice USA).

À la fin de l’année 2020, Manon Brouillette confiait en entrevue à La Presse qu’elle aimait beaucoup sa nouvelle vie professionnelle composée de défis variés, mais qu’elle n’écartait pas la possibilité de revenir un gestion jour ‘a company. “We need the winning terms,” ​​she said. I know what kind of challenges I like. If there is a great organization going through a transformation that needs my expertise, I don’t think I can say no. ”

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