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Prime Minister’s statement on the occasion of Labor Day

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Ottawa, ONAnd the The September 5, 2022 /cnw/ – prime minister Justin Trudeau The following statement came on the occasion of Labor Day today:

Today, this Labor Day, we celebrate Canadian workers who are the cornerstone of our societies and our economy.

Our people are the ones who built this country. Our workers build the ways we travel, maintain the technology that unites us, and move products to our food markets, among other places. Therefore, we rely on them every day.

Canadians have recovered more than all the jobs lost since the start of the pandemic. As our recovery continues and our economy continues to grow, our workforce faces new challenges and rises to the level of opportunities that arise. For example, in our quest to develop a clean economy, we ensure that our automotive workers benefit from driving Canada in electric cars. From mining critical minerals to manufacturing batteries and vehicles, we have already secured tens of thousands of jobs and attracted billions of dollars in investment. There is still much work to be done.

In the areas of energy, technology, infrastructure, skilled trades, and more, the Canadian workforce has invaluable experience. Government Canada We will continue to support workers and create opportunities for them so that we can build a better future for all. From protecting the rights of union workers to improving workplace safety and skills training, we’ve been a partner to the labor movement. Earlier this year, we launched the program Success skillsTo help Canadians gain the skills they need to succeed on the job. We are updating employment insurance to better meet the changing needs of Canadian workers and to reflect new realities, such as more demand-side jobs. In addition, we’ve increased the federal minimum wage to $15.55 an hour — in line with inflation — and are offering 10 days of paid sick leave to federally regulated workers.

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Canadians work hard every day, but we know families are feeling the impact of inflation, including rising food and gas prices. That’s why we’re working to make life affordable, starting now. For example, we’ve improved Canadian Workers’ Benefits (CWB) to save up to 2 400 dollars In families’ pockets. In addition, we reduce the cost of housing, childcare and dental care as part of our services Plans to make life affordable To help the middle class and those who work hard to join it.

On behalf of the government CanadaWishing all Canadians a Happy and Safe Labor Day. Today, we salute the hard work and determination of the union activists who fought for paid time off, universal health care, and job insurance. We are also committed to building on the progress they have made, continuing to make our workplaces safe and building a bright future.

This document can also be found at: https://pm.gc.ca

Source: Prime Minister’s Office Canada

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