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Prime Video: This new feature will compete with Netflix – News Series

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Tony Vaughn
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Prime Video just launched a new feature. In this area, Netflix often leads the game but this time, Amazon is on top.

On streaming platforms, IT developers are constantly looking for the fun feature or tool that will entice users to better keep them. In this little game, Netflix often leads the dance.

New choice of the day, random reading for those who are too lazy to browse the catalog or even delete programs in progress … Netflix is ​​interested in finding the practical tool. But Prime Video is taking a hit with Watch Party! The feature has been available in France since July 5.

But what is it then? This feature allows Prime Video subscribers to watch the same program – eg The Terminal List? – Between friends simultaneously at home. It’s the same principle as Watch Party found on Twitch. You can activate this new feature from a connected TV as well as from video game consoles and all other connected devices.

This Watch Party Prime Video version can seat up to 100 people! Perfect for those who have many friends or a very large family and this is an opportunity to bring them together for the same event. So participants can chat together while watching a movie or series. And of course, everyone should subscribe to the service.

The idea of ​​Watch Party developed and conquered internet users during the Covid-19 pandemic and allowed people to meet virtually if they could not see each other physically. So this functionality responds to new uses that are set to become a new way to connect and share.

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For convenience: Watch Party can be watched via the Prime Video app on compatible Fire TV devices In France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, India and Canada, with the Prime Video app to identify connected devices, as well as Android mobile phones, Android tablets, Fire devices, iPhone and iPad. You can also access Watch Party Prime Video on desktop web browsers, with the exception of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari.

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